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Retail Refrigeration Experts

01st March '18

Serving the refrigeration needs of the global retail market for over 40 years

In 1977 the first pre-built, truly personal computer hit the market place – The Apple II.

Fast forward 41 years and the modern version is completely unrecognisable in performance, but the visual lineage is clear to see.

Refrigeration technologies have followed a similar path with highly advanced control systems and improved materials, but they are still recognisable as fridges.

Like the Apple II, Lowe Rental opened its doors to the market in 1977 and as the years have fallen off the calendar, Lowe have remained a stable partner for retail companies that require refrigeration. Keeping pace with innovation in technology, product design and energy efficiencies from the world’s best manufactures has been key to the company’s success.

Throughout Lowe’s history, the team have lived by same three core values; Listen, Empower and Accomplish.

Listen - All market demands change, the refrigeration market is no different.

Over the years Lowe have gathered up a strong and extremely effective supply network, calling on the world’s best and most innovative refrigeration manufacturers. This ensures that when a customer communicates a demand Lowe can listen and is best placed to provide a solution that effectively matches the need. Truly understanding the pressures a retail client faces only comes from truly listening. When you pair this supply network with the expertise of the Lowe retail team, it becomes a brilliant combination.

Empower - The second of Lowe’s core values embodies the company’s drive to working with clients and manufacturers.

 Lowe provides refrigeration solutions that empower the client to boost revenue, meet cost saving targets and remain on the crest of the technology. Super-efficient equipment that not only delivers on green requirements but boosts revenue through improved product display, have become extremely important to the retail market and Lowe has been at the tip of the spear in help develop and source these solutions

Accomplish - Finally, the experts at Lowe accomplish the refrigeration goals of their customers. 

Using a large network of logistical, installation and servicing professionals, Lowe put the solutions in place on time and to spec.

With experience, experts, solutions, and means to deliver, Lowe listen, empower and accomplish.

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