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Farm shop refrigeration installation

The UK is increasingly seeing a demand for higher quality, speciality, healthier and organic foods, which means the safe storage and presentation of these higher value premium products becomes much more of priority.

Lowe refrigeration are specialists in supplying an extensive range of display equipment, offering both bespoke and generic solutions, tailored for optimum presentation and safe storage of whatever produce, you the retailer/producer require.

One notable installation, recently completed by Lowe Refrigeration, is Plaw Hatch Community Farm on the Sussex border, which is run by a local cooperative and produces 100% organic arable, dairy and meat products. Lowe supplied both integral display fridges and freezers, remote display multi–decks, along with both chilled and frozen storage rooms.

A spokesperson for the farm cited Lowe Refrigeration’s’ installation as a “huge improvement” on the units they had previously, and that the choice of new equipment installed “displayed the produce so much better, which in turn has helped drive sales immensely”.

Ask our experienced team about options and let us help you drive growth……..organically of course!

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