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Customized Cold Room Solutions

Create cold storage tailored to your specific requirements with a customized chiller or freezer room from Lowe. Available for rental or purchase across the Middle East.

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Designed for customization, Lowe cold rooms offer a range of benefits and are:  

  • Conveniently created with flat packed, easily transportable panels  
  • Suitable for any product type 
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit any space 
  • Used as chiller, freezer or dry store rooms due to dual temperature functionality  
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use due to enhanced equipment durability 
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Lowe modular cold rooms are food grade safe and suitable for a wide range of products including:

How do Lowe build a modular cold room?

Modular cold rooms are created by connecting a series of panels that simply click together and interlock to form a solid structure. 

These panels offer increased flexibility, enabling a cold room to be easily extended to increased cold storage capacity.  To increase the size of a modular cold room, more panels are added and where required, additional motors to maintain required temperatures.  

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Modular Cold Room Specifications and Configurations 
*N.B. this table displays the most popular cold room sizes rented or purchased from Lowe, if you require a size not listed below please contact the team to create your customized solution.  

Modular Cold Room Motor Layouts


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Distribution across the Middle East

Lowe have Rental+ plan logistical experience and a comprehensive supply network across the Middle East.  With an office and warehouse located directly within the region, Lowe are ideally positioned to dispatch and deliver your cold room quickly and efficiently.  Further supported by 3 office locations across Asia and warehouses situated in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, Lowe are strategically placed to supply what you need, when you need, where you need it.  

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Customized Cold Room Case Studies

Snow Spa 

Lowe Rental came to the aid of a company who wanted to offer a space for beach visitors to find relief from the searing heat in Dubai. Utilizing a modular cold room to create a snow spa, Lowe Rental where able to provide an innovative solution to a routine problem with a customized chiller room. Ensuring consistent cool temperatures and a convenient retreat for beach visitors.   

Snow Spa - Cover Image.jpg

Enquire about your customized cold room

Ready to order your modular cold room? or need further assistance? Lowe’s experienced team of cold storage experts are available to answer any questions you may have or help design a complete cold room solution to meet your specific requirements. 


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