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Under Counter Dishwasher

Compact dishwasher for under counter space

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Under counter dishwasher

  • 1 plate rack
  • 1 cutlery basket
  • Max pints/plates per rack - 18
  • Rack size - 500x500mm
  • Wash pump rating - 0.37kW
  • Wash pump flow rate - 220L/min
  • Rinse pump rating - 0.25kW
  • Racks per hour - 60
  • Cycle time - 60 - 180 seconds
  • Loading height - 355 mm
  • Water consumption - 2.9L

Additional Info

  • Drain pump
  • Electronic controls
  • Double skinned contruction
  • Class A air gap
  • Thermostop control
  • Built in detergent dispenser
  • Built in rinse aid dispenser
  • Rinse booster pump
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Wash tank capacity

25 Litres

Wash tank heating


Rinse tank capacity

5.6 Litres

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