Eat, Drink and Be Merry with Lowe Refrigeration Christmas Retail Rental Programs

26 December 2015

You may have noticed the recent drop in temperatures and the dark nights setting in earlier as winter prepares to descend upon us.  What you will not have noticed yet is the hard work going on behind the scenes as retailers, food producers and retail refrigeration rental specialists Lowe Refrigeration, start preparing their Christmas refrigeration rental requirements over the festive period.

With the huge influx of additional food and drink customers expect to find in their local stores over the Christmas period, supermarkets and retail stores need to acquire additional refrigerated storage and shelf space to accommodate the highly anticipated fayre we enjoy so much at Christmas.  As it is not practical or feasible for retailers and supermarkets to have large amounts of empty fridges and freezers in store all year round, just to accommodate peak sales at Christmas, they turn to refrigeration rental specialists Lowe Refrigeration to service their additional fridge and freezer requirements.

Many seasonal products need to be kept refrigerated or frozen, but swapping all the displays to accommodate them has the potential to cause confusion and frustration among customers.  Lowe Refrigeration supply retailers and food producers with a range of display and storage refrigeration over the festival period including high capacity multi deck display fridges, point of sale promotional fridges and storage freezers to easily facilitate the additional produce on the shop floor.  

Also popular during the festive season are Lowe Refrigeration flat pack walk in cold rooms which can be built inside or outside the warehouse or stockroom to provide additional cold or frozen storage spaces to hold enough brandy butter, brandy cream, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, turkeys, desserts etc. throughout the festival season.

Lowe Refrigeration have been renting integral refrigeration rental equipment to supermarkets and retailers for decades, therefore you can rely on our vast experience in the retail industry to give you piece of mind during peak trading periods.  Our quality retail refrigeration programs coupled with our vast logistical capability, 24/7 technical support and customer service are the reason why we are the refrigeration rental supplier of choice for retailers and supermarkets across the globe.

If you would like to discuss your Christmas retail refrigeration rental requirements then please click here to contact our Retail Rental Department today 9 for more information.