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Energy Efficient Refrigeration: 5 Benefits

17th August '18

Fridges are in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Such a heavily used appliance has the potential to use a significant amount of energy. As retailers look to reduce their costs in the increasingly challenging bricks and mortar trading environment, reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment has become a key area of focus.

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Here are Lowe's five benefits (both for the environment and your business) of investing in energy efficient refrigeration with Lowe:

  1. Reduced running costs

Investing in energy efficient refrigeration means that your fridge uses less electricity to do its job which results in significant savings on energy bills.

  1. Cutting edge technology

Opting for an energy efficient refrigeration unit doesn’t mean that the performance is reduced. More often than not it is achieved through smart technology such as inverter compressors which have added benefits such as reduced noise output.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

At the core of energy efficiency is the benefit it brings to the environment. Being mindful of the effects that business activities have on the environment and taking action can form a core facet of a business’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Retailers are keen to partner with suppliers that are ethically sound.

  1. Compliance with new regulations

The forthcoming Eco Design & Energy Labelling Directive will enforce the use of energy efficient equipment. Commercial refrigerated cabinets will have energy labels from A to G in the same way that domestic equipment has for many years.

  1. Expert Sourcing

Take Lowe’s equipment expertise, honed through over 40 years in the business, and pair it with one of the world’s most comprehensive refrigeration supply networks. This pairing has resulted in a fleet of equipment that is consistently refreshed with the latest in technology, and at the forefront of this technology is energy efficiency.

Interested in upscaling your refrigeration to become energy efficient but daunted by the cost barrier? Lowe’s Long-Term Rental plans are making energy efficient refrigeration an affordable investment through zero cap-ex and monthly rental payments spread over 1-5 years.

Contact one of our experts to learn more and find an energy efficient, long-term rental solution perfect for your business.

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