5 Things to Consider When Choosing Display Refrigeration

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9 October 2019
5 Things to Consider When Choosing Display Refrigeration

For the large majority of businesses exhibiting at food and beverage exhibitions, display refrigeration is an exhibition stand necessity.

However, this doesn’t mean that the potential for achieving an eye-catching stand is lessened. Selecting the correct fridge for your products can enhance display capabilities and overall stand aesthetics.

There are a number of considerations to make before choosing a display fridge for your business’s stand. By considering the below five points your business will be better positioned for achieving an eye-catching stand, improving the overall potential for a valuable exhibition presence.


  1. Stand Space

Whether you have a pop-up, modular or custom stand, the first step in determining the correct fridge for your stand is ascertaining how much space you can allocate for a fridge. Check fridge dimensions against the stand dimensions which will be available from your exhibition organiser.

Lowe have an extensive range of display fridges and freezers which are suitable for stands of all sizes.


  1. Display Area

Having less stand space to work with doesn’t necessarily mean that you have less area to dedicate to display. Businesses exhibiting at smaller stands may want to consider an upright display fridge which minimizes the floor space taken up by equipment whilst maximizing display area and impact through eye-catching vertical design.

Conversely, if you have a larger stand with more space to allocate to equipment your business may want to consider a more panoramic, expansive display achieved through display fridges such as serve over counters or commanding LED dome displays.


  1. Product Quantity

Planning the type of display you want to achieve in advance is often helpful in determining the correct display fridge for your stand and product quantity is a key consideration when planning your display.

How many products do you want to have on display? Do you want to have a plentiful array of product or a sparser display drawing attention to product quality over quantity.


  1. Lighting

Internal illumination is available in many of Lowe’s display refrigeration units. For units such as the LED Dome, lighting forms an integral part of creating an eye-catching display. Consider how important lighting will be for your product display. Lowe’s range of units have different lighting options from coloured LED to more subtle back lighting.

If you aren’t sure which lighting is correct for your product display, Lowe’s experienced exhibition team are happy to advise.


  1. Product Temperature

While display and putting your business’s best foot forward is at the forefront in exhibition halls it’s also important to remember the more practical considerations that come into play too. Select a fridge that is appropriate for your product’s optimum temperatures. 

Lowe’s display refrigeration units are available in a range of temperatures which can be configured according to your product’s individual requirements. Dual temperature units are also available if you require interchangeable chiller and freezer options.


Do you have an upcoming exhibition you need equipment for? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.