5 Reasons Why Secondary Placement is Essential for New and Emerging Brands

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1 December 2022
5 Reasons Why Secondary Placement is Essential for New and Emerging Brands

Secondary placement can take your brands to the market! 

Grocery retail is typically a structured environment with limited space and a need for organization. Retailers have few areas where they can be flexible and accommodating to the thousands of brands that want to be on the shelf – specifically when that comes to refrigerated and frozen goods. Resets and store remodels can be advantageous for brands to get on the shelf, but those opportunities are rare, so stores are creating additional spaces for brands to flourish.  

Here are 5 reasons why secondary placement is essential for new and emerging brands:

  1. Building Brand Awareness 

Utilizing refrigerated secondary placement is an essential strategy for brands looking to create and expand their customer base. Many new and emerging food & beverage brands use secondary placement as proof of concept to be on primary shelf displays at retail stores. These displays can promote brand name recognition, create an opportunity for customers to try-out a new product, and influence in-store purchases.

  1. Flexibility 

As new and emerging brands find their niche in the market – many will see a sales spike as their popularity increases through certain times of the year. Following trends and executing proactive approaches to placing products strategically and effectively can increase the sales growth of brands. For example, ice cream and grilling product sales increase in the summer, by employing a unique secondary space rather than a year-round shelf space will increase the volume available to the consumers. Leasing additional equipment for a short amount of time can help brands scale and test new offerings depending on the season.  

  1. Expanding Opportunities 

Have you ever wondered why milk is not sold in the cereal aisle? There is a plethora of other scenarios where cross-merchandiser opportunities exist. If a product can be organically situated in more than one department of a retailer, a refrigerated secondary display can maximize revenue. Having the ability to install secondary displays in one or more of these spaces can be beneficial for the brand. Implementing a refrigerated display case in a section of the store where a product is not naturally sold but compliments the surrounding product gives shoppers the chance to impulsively purchase a food or beverage item from a branded secondary display case. 

  1. Budgeting Options 

Often emerging food and beverage brands will have little to no promotional budget, resulting in a more competitive atmosphere with larger brands able to use greater spending power to get ahead. The application of secondary placement strategies significantly increases the chances of reaching customers, which in turn will help drive brand awareness and increase the chances of making a sale. Collaborating with retailers on secondary placement strategies is a more cost-effective way to guarantee your brand will be in front of more shoppers.  

  1. Get a Competitive Edge 

The food and beverage market is a highly competitive industry and it can be difficult to catch the eye of potential buyers. Secondary placement allows brands to customize their own refrigerated space within a larger retail environment, utilizing this branding opportunity to standout in the market and initiate interest surrounding a new brand. Implementing unique refrigerated displays takes advantage of store generated foot traffic to improve the reach of prospective customers and generate greater sales. 


As brands push to improve their merchandising options, the commanding power of secondary placement strategies cannot be underestimated. Branded refrigeration solutions provide sales teams with the most dynamic means to showcase their offerings, stand out from competitors, and boost sales for retail partners.