What Exhibition Equipment Do You Need?

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20 October 2022
What Exhibition Equipment Do You Need?

When planning your stand or booth at a Food & Beverage exhibition, the choice of equipment may seem overwhelming for both a first time and experienced exhibitor. We have compiled a list of questions which may help you narrow down your equipment selection.

What will your stand’s purpose be?

Are you there to simply increase brand awareness? Are you targeting a particular buyer? Do you want to boost your networking opportunities? Is it about getting direct sales on the day of the exhibition?

These are all questions which may impact your equipment decision. For example, if you are there to purely get sales on the day of the exhibition you may want to consider both display refrigeration to showcase your process and storage refrigeration to store as much product to sell as possible.

How are you showcasing your product?

The reason you are going to this show boils down to one thing your product. Think about how you are going to showcase why your product is the standout on the market. Will you be offering taste samples? Or free giveaways? Will you be cooking a meal incorporating your product? Will you be giving a live demonstration?

In this case you would need to consider investigating catering as well as refrigeration equipment.

What is your budget?

Budget is key in the decision-making process, and it can vary from business to business. Lowe offers a range of options to meet any budget. With the Lowe Exhibition portal, you can filter between a specific price range or organise by price to enable you are able to view all your options and make an informed decision.

How much space do you have?

If the space on your stand is restricted, you need to consider how to maximise your booth’s potential. There are pieces of equipment that serve more than one purpose, which can help suit your needs in a tight space.

For example, Lowe offer a range of dual-temp display and storage refrigeration models. These can act as both a chiller and a freezer. The Lowe Hub not only serves as a welcome desk, but also contains a refrigerator, charging ports and a safe for your valuables.

All our equipment only is listed with the dimension information, enabling you to make an informed decision on your selection.

What are your electrical requirements?

Perhaps one of the most key elements to consider. Not only do you need to order power for an exhibition, but you also need to about the number of plugs and sockets you may need.   When you order online with Lowe Rental, you can see all the power requirements in the equipment specifications, giving you a clear indication of what you need to order.


If you have any other further questions on what equipment you may need to order, our team of experts offer consultation on selecting the correct display option. Get in touch today or browse our full range of equipment and order now online here.