Replacement of Unreliable and Outdated Units

Retail Refrigeration System Design -
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10 April 2023
Replacement of Unreliable and Outdated Units

ADA successfully replaced an outdated and unreliable dual temperature ammonia refrigeration system at Waitrose RDC. The replacement project presented logistical challenges as the distribution center had to remain fully operational, with existing fresh food and produce chillers maintaining operational temperatures throughout. The existing chilled chambers and plantroom were separate buildings connected via a high-level service bridge compounding the complexity of the project.

To mitigate the challenges, ADA provided a temporary cooling solution for the chilled chambers while the existing refrigeration system was decommissioned and removed, creating space for the new ammonia system. By coordinating with the RDC operational team, ADA executed key switchovers from existing cooling solutions to temporary and then new systems with minimal disruption to the center's customers or on-site operations.

The project was delivered on time, and the new refrigeration system was more reliable, improving overall performance while reducing energy usage by approximately 30%.