Developing a New Refrigeration System

Retail Refrigeration System Design -
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10 April 2023
Developing a New Refrigeration System

ADA developed a refrigeration system for a new format in-town convenience store with strict restrictions. The location was in a conservation area with limited external space, strict planning and noise restrictions, and a need for natural refrigerants due to client ESG requirements. The existing building also posed a challenge as it was not built to facilitate heavy refrigeration without risking vibration transmission to residential properties.

The solution involved water-cooled chilled cabinets and cold rooms, air-cooled frozen integrals, and linking the system to an external dry cooler. All 27 chilled cabinets were water-cooled with a glycol water loop, while the two frozen integrals were air-cooled. Four cold rooms employed water-cooled mono blocks linked to the external dry cooler. The system's energy consumption was circa 20% lower than expected, which satisfied the client's ESG requirements and resulted in cost savings. The local authority and landlord were also happy with the installed solution, and no noise complaints were received from residential properties.