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Fridge rentals – a beginner’s guide: exhibitions

12th March '13

When you are renting a fridge for an exhibition or trade show, merely looking for something that fits on your stand is selling yourself short.

Yes, size and dimensions are a key consideration. But it is also important to think about the amount of time and money you are investing just to book your stand at the exhibition and get there. At that level of expense, it makes sense to make sure that your fridge or freezer not only meets your basic requirements but helps you meet the business goals that made you decide to exhibit in the first place.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives an indication of some of the most popular models that we provide at exhibitions and how they help Lowe customers to enjoy a successful exhibition.

B Display Chiller

This is a serve–over chiller. It offers a considerable amount of refrigeration space, all of which doubles up as your display area.  If you have a wide range of products or need to display and access large quantities of a single product, this might be the fridge for you.

It is also the familiar fridge–of–choice for delis, butchers and even premium supermarket products. As such, people come to expect quality products and attentive one–to–one customer service.

C Display Chillers

This multi–deck refrigerator has three adjustable shelves, allowing you to create a wall of your product or products. As with other units on this list, the C display chiller is a familiar unit from the retail sector. If you want people to feel they are welcome to take a close–up look and handle your product, the open front of this fridge encourages that.

E6 Wall Site Freezer

This unit works well for a wide variety of products, not least frozen boxed products. If you want your buyers to be visualising your product in their store, what better way to encourage that than with your own retail–style display case?

K4 Revolving Chiller

Is your product too good to be seen from one side alone? If so, our K model might be the best option. This upright chiller boasts four glass sides to maximise the visibility of your product. With revolving shelves incorporated, you can ensure that people see different products – or get to see different sides to your products – even when your stand is busy.

M Domes

The dome is probably the ultimate refrigeration centrepiece available to rent at exhibitions. It never fails to catch the eye and therefore your product will also be getting plenty of attention too. 

The M dome encourages people to crowd around your product for a closer look. You will instinctively know if this is the right chiller for your product.

That’s not all

As we mentioned, that’s just a sample of some of our most popular units. To see what else we can offer, have a look at our Rentals page. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss ideas for showcasing your product.

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