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8 Benefits of Long-Term Rental

14th March '18

Flexible long-term managed contracts are forcing the retail market to re-think their approach to refrigeration

The famous oil baron Paul Getty said, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”.  Wise words to live by in the modern age.

According to, in 2017 82.6% of new cars sales were purchased on a rental basis, with the majority using a PCP (Personal Contract Plan) to do so.  We all know the benefits of this model, we get a new car, enjoy it for 3 years, all servicing is taken care of and then at the end of the contract term we swap it for a new model. 

Lowe, offer the same flexibility with a range of pioneering long-term rental contracts on refrigeration. 

Refrigeration is a business-critical high cost, depreciating asset with often time consuming, yet vital maintenance programs.  If your business is focussed on retailing food or drink, having a fully managed rental contract would allow you to focus on what you do best, while you let Lowe take care of what they do best, refrigeration! 


8 benefits of long-term rental

  1. No capital outlays
  2. Allows your business to accurately budget on a fixed monthly basis, improving cash flow management
  3. Planned preventative maintenance contracts are included which ensures that issues are identified prior to machine failure – maintaining up time
  4. Limits exposure associated with refrigeration breakdowns and engineer call outs
  5. No associated disposal costs due to WEEE regulations
  6. Access to latest innovation e.g. Lowe’s market leading monitoring systems allowing for remote commencement of a defrost cycle, as well as remote temperature monitoring
  7. No need to worry about the upcoming energy changes as Lowe will supply compliant, energy efficient units as standard
  8. No redundant equipment


Lowe's flexible, long-term managed contracts are forcing the retail market to re-think their approach to refrigeration sourcing.

Long-term rental contracts take away the hassle and risk associated with managing a fleet of refrigeration.


What’s involved with Long-term rental at Lowe?

  1. Equipment Selection

Choose your required equipment from Lowe’s extensive selection or let the Lowe experts source equipment for your specific requirements via a comprehensive, global supply network.

  1. Accessory Selection

Lowe can provide graphics, special casters and temperature monitoring.

  1. Quantity Selection

How many pieces of equipment do you require? The bigger the volume, the more effective rental becomes as costs can be spread as opposed to a large capital outlay.

  1. Contract Selection

Lasting from 1-5 years, Lowe’s long-term rental contracts can be tailored to suit your business. Whether you require equipment rental according to the duration of a contract with a customer or you’d like to renew equipment after a specified length of time, Lowe can accommodate your rental requirements.

  1. Location Selection

No matter if you require delivery to one site or various sites, Lowe deliver anywhere across the UK

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