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Why choose to rent for your next event? 

03rd November '21

Why choose to rent for your next event?  

The world has changed. As we welcome the easing of COVID restrictions across the globe and celebrate the return of nights out and concerts, it is worth considering how the landscape of the events industry has evolved in the wake of such an unprecedented period when planning your next event. 

With the adoption of hybrid events looking to be the future, equipment purchase may not be the most economical investment. Moreover, while countries across the globe are still slowly re-opening, outdoor events may be on the rise as it is easier to provide a safe and comfortable distance between attendees. As a result, kitchen installations, equipment rental and outdoor setups should be on your radar.

But why choose to rent with Lowe?

Lowe Rental have over 40 years experience working at the world’s largest events, offering a level of expertise unchallenged by any other provider. Here at Lowe, we have the knowledge and flexibility to not only deliver at the world-class standard you expect, but also to adapt to the unpredictable environment which surrounds us. 

From landmark concerts to sporting events, Lowe have you covered:

  • High quality branded equipment
  • Dedicated project management teams
  • Experienced installation and onsite maintenance teams
  • Flexible terms based on individual event needs

Lowe Rental offer an extensive range of refrigeration, catering equipment and cold room rental, whether you require freezer hire for your pop-up stall, chiller rental at a corporate event or a full commercial kitchen installation; Lowe's comprehensive equipment range is utilised for a wide variety of purposes across the UK. 

While your first thought may be to purchase your equipment, this is not always the most viable option, especially as the industry is still recovering and may embrace a more hybrid nature moving forward.  It is more important than ever to consider more economically viable options. 



Equipment rental from Lowe removes the hassle, responsibility, and pressure of asset management. Lowe’s team of experts work as a partner, providing an equipment fleet that is fully managed and tailored to your event requirements- giving you one less thing to worry about in the lead up to the event.


Dedicated support.

Organising equipment is one thing, transporting equipment to and from event venues is another considerable challenge in and of itself.

The experts at Lowe understand how valuable time is in high-pressure events environments and renting with Lowe frees up precious time. Lowe’s team of logistical experts provide fully managed logistics to the event venue, equipment installation and prompt removal once the event is over.

With one of the world's largest equipment supply networks, Lowe can also source bespoke equipment rental solutions.


Rental does not come at the cost of quality.

Purchasing equipment does not always ensure you are covered in the event of maintenance or servicing. Often it is an additional cost on top of the large upfront purchase you have already made - not to mention the supplementary logistical costs and manpower required to transport equipment from one event to the next.

Equipment needs attention to ensure it can withstand repeated use and wear and tear, regardless of whether it is new. While you may decide to risk it for just one event, you may find yourself regretting that decision when you face a malfunctioning griddle and a queue of hungry guests. 

Renting from Lowe ensures that a professional will carry out routine maintenance as standard, not to mention emergency support when you need it most. 


Allow yourself to grow.

Catering spaces can vary greatly from one event to another, and equipment purchase may inhibit your ability to adapt accordingly, equipment rental enables you to design and develop the catering space you desire. 

Additionally, investing in equipment through outright purchase can be a burden on businesses aspiring for growth. As catering businesses and event management companies are offered bigger contracts, the equipment previously invested in may not be up to the challenge and may ultimately hold businesses back from responding. Renting equipment as and when it’s needed gives businesses greater freedom to grow.


Do you have an upcoming event requiring refrigeration and catering equipment? Contact the experts today for an equipment rental quote


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