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Balmoral Show 2018

May 16th – 19th saw the return of one of Ireland’s biggest agri–food events – The Balmoral Show.

Returning to Lisburn’s Eikon Centre for its very special 150th edition, the celebration of all things agricultural saw visitors and participants of all ages enjoy food, drink, animal displays and everything in between – all under the rarity of some Northern Irish sunshine!

Alongside being an official supplier at the show, Lowe are a long–standing sponsor of Balmoral’s donkey display, hosted by the Donkey Breed Society. The Donkey Breed Society celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2017 and are committed to improving the well–being and protection of donkeys.

Not your average equestrian show, Balmoral’s donkey display involves an unexpected step back through time as competing donkeys and their owners showcase traditional farming carts, ploughs, saddlery and costumes from throughout the ages. Many pieces of equipment were donated for use at the show by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Northern Ireland which meant it was a unique experience to see the traditional farming equipment and transport in action.

The competing donkeys steadily making their way around the circuit of the field looked unphased by their competition. Through the commentator providing a running narrative of the procession we learn the donkeys’ preferences when it comes to sweet treats – one donkey in particular having a taste for ginger nut biscuits! If there’s one thing that’s clear during the donkey display it’s that donkeys love sweet treats.

According to the commentator of the donkey display, there are less than 7,000 donkeys in Ireland today. This saddening statistic makes the display all the more heartwarming, urging onlookers to appreciate what is a very special experience. He also shared some little–known knowledge that donkeys can live up to 40 years! According to the Donkey Breed Society the oldest recorded donkey lived to 60 years.

Lowe Rental are looking forward to seeing and sponsoring the next donkey display at Balmoral Show 2019.

Read more about the Donkey Breed Society and how you can support them here.

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