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Special Projects

Approaching unique requirements with a collaborative determination for success

Lowe’s special projects division provides:

  • A collaborative plan tailored to achieve your project successfully
  • Logistical expertise with Lowe’s operations specialists
  • Delivery, installation and removal included
  • Ongoing support and servicing

It all starts with an idea.

Whatever project you may have in the works, Lowe’s team of experts are confident they can make it a reality.

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Your project meets Lowe's solution

Special projects have unique requirements, and these can only be achieved with an eye for detail and a keen understanding. Lowe’s special projects team adopt a collaborative approach to achieve success. This approach encompasses equipment sourcing, delivery, logistics, installation and ongoing project support.


Types of special projects...

A look at some other unique projects Lowe have helped with.

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Unique Project Ideas

Lowe have helped create some of the most bespoke projects, from kitchen on the beach to snow spa's.

Got an innovative idea?

Disaster Preparation

Government bodies have relied on Lowe to support them in emergencies and other times of need with scalable solutions.

Discuss preparations
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Difficult Locations

Not all locations are made equal. Lowe's logistical and operational capabilities make it one of the premium companies to partner with in challenging settings.

Got a location challenge?
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Military Exercises

Installation of catering facilities and equipment for military exercises

Need catering facilities for a military exercise?
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Oil Exploration

Team Lowe travel worldwide to remote locations and off-shore islands

Do you have an upcoming oil exploration?

Do you have a project with unique needs?

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