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5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Cold Room

25th July '18

Cold room rental is a significant addition to a business’s presence as a vendor at an event. The extra storage space elevates the business offering, freeing up crucial stall space and allowing for surplus stock to meet fluctuating demand.

Ensure you get the most out of your cold room with our 5 tips:

  1. Don’t overstock your cold room

Cold rooms can pack a punch when it comes to storage capacity but it’s important not to push this capacity to its very limit. Overstocking your cold room means that the cooling system needs to work harder to keep stock cool. When the cold room functionality is struggling to achieve the optimum temperature, stock will be affected and potentially not be stored at the required temperature. This could affect food quality and even result in the risk of bacteria.

  1. Be smart with space

While the dangers of overstocking should be remembered, it’s also crucial to note that a full cold room will run more efficiently than one that is only partially stocked. Use your cold storage space to its full potential by being smart about how you organise your stock and how much of it you need.

You may want to consider stock rotation through planning what stock will be required each day, organising your storage space to reflect this and achieve easy access. This will avoid multiple trips to grab stock, minimizing cold air escaping each time you open the door too.

  1. Use plastic chill strips to maintain temperature

Each time you open your cold room the temperature is reduced because of the cold air which escapes. If you’ll be regularly going in and out of your cold room for stock, you can reduce the amount of cold air that’s lost by investing in plastic chill strips. These chill strips act as a barrier, helping your cold room maintain its temperature. They also assist with energy efficiency because your cold room won’t need to work as hard to replace cold air which has been lost.

Plastic chill strips are available as an extra feature with Lowe cold room rentals.

  1. Monitor the temperature

Ensure that your cold room is operating to a high standard by putting together a temperature check schedule for every hour. By doing these checks you will see temperature dips and quickly pick up on any issues to avoid interruption to your service.

Remember that if you’re putting large amounts of unchilled or hot food into your cold room, this will have an impact on the cold room’s temperature.

  1. Keep it clean

When you’re in a high pressure environment like trading at an event, it can be difficult to find the time to perform basic housekeeping in your storage space when conducting business comes first. However, in order to keep your cold room operating to a high standard and avoid any breakdowns, ensure that any food debris is swept up.

Do you require a cold room for an upcoming event or outdoor function? Lowe have a range of cold room sizes available to suit your individual needs. Our equipment experts build all cold rooms so you’ll be ready in time for your deadline without having to worry about set up.

Enquire about Lowe’s cold room rental here.

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