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5 Tips for Trading at a Summer Festival

01st June '18

Festival season is well and truly here, and many food and drink businesses are currently amid, or about to embark on, a very busy period of trade as vendors at summer festivals. It’s a business opportunity well worth investing in as a 2014 study found that an average of £395 per person is spent at festivals and that the spend over four years is over 1 billion.

Supplying refrigeration and catering equipment to events worldwide, Lowe garnered an understanding of how the events market operates through on-the-ground experience. Through unmatched logistical dexterity, Lowe’s events team have set up thousands of food and drink stalls ready to serve revelers, music aficionados and foodies the world over.

Read more on what to expect when working with Lowe here.

The team have picked up a thing or two along the way – here are their tips for business getting ready for their next summer event.

  1. Have an attention-grabbing stall

“Shabby chic” is no excuse for a sub-standard stall, so if you’re treading the fine line between chic and genuinely shabby, it may be time to revamp your aesthetic.

Festivals are menageries of the weird, wonderful and fun and if you aren’t participating in your own way, then you simply won’t stand out. Those valuable customers may just flock to the neighboring stall for lunch instead.

Think of engaging ways you can attract customers to your stall – food samples, music, cardboard cut-outs for photos, competitions, flags – it’s hard to go too wacky at a festival, so some crazy ideas may just make the difference.

  1. Embrace the craziness

Expect the unexpected and be prepared for things not to go exactly as may have been envisioned.

Lowe’s events experts have noted how unexpected challenges always arise – it’s just the nature of event organisation and the logistics involved. Schedules can change at a moment’s notice and its key to be flexible and also have an experience supplier on your side who can adapt and overcome any challenges.

For large events Lowe keep a hold of extra equipment so customers are covered in case the needs arises for additional equipment. This is just one of the ways the Lowe team prepare for the unexpected.

  1. Pack Surplus Supplies

Despite the inevitability of unexpected challenges, it’s important to prepare as much as possible for your event presence and this means stocking up on surplus supplies, so you aren’t left short at any point and missing out on valuable custom.

Lowe can provide cold storage facilities to keep your surplus supplies chilled and free up space at your stall. Explore cold storage options here.

  1. Payment Methods

If there’s one thing almost 100% certain at a camping festival, it’s that cash will rapidly deplete and no one wants to use the cash machine that has a £5 charge and mile long queue.

Despite the technologically advanced age we are in, having a card payment option at your stall will set you apart from many other vendors. It will also put you in high esteem by pleasantly surprised, hungry customers. Word may also spread that your stall offers card payments and send cashless customers flocking in your direction.

  1. Post-Festival Analysis is Key

In order to adequately determine your stall’s performance at the festival, it’s important to take stock and analyse beyond finances, considering the other facets such as supplies and organisation. This is the opportunity to learn from mistakes, see what did and didn’t work and plan for how you can make your next festival your best one yet.

Are you trading at an upcoming festival or event? Contact our team of experts today or view our range of rental refrigeration and rental catering equipment perfect for your stall.

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