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Re-inventing Remote Monitoring

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LoweConex is the next generation in remote monitoring. Using the latest IoT and automation principles, LoweConex harvests data from any connected source, such as refrigeration temperatures, alarm conditions, energy usage meters, etc. displaying all the collected data on a revolutionary data sphere. LoweConex takes these otherwise unconnected data points and makes real-time changes and improvements to your operation via two-way communication and AI-driven automation.

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What is LoweConex?

Data Harvesting.

Originally designed for temperature monitoring, now LoweConex collects millions of data points from any connected device and transmits instantly and securely to a cloud-base data sphere. For example:

  • Remote temperature monitoring within the food retail environment
  • Equipment alarm telemetry and triaging
  • IoT predictive maintenance and work order raising
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy demand
  • Mass asset register
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Data Display & Interpretation.

All this data is transmitted to the LoweConex data sphere, where up 2700 monitoring locations are mapped across a sphere, each square is a location. Within each location [square] up to 1000 data points can be collected every second, and all reported live to the data sphere for simple, focused analysis and action in real-time.

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Don’t just view the data, use it.

Using IoT principles LoweConex employs rule-based logic and automation to asses alarm data, triage faults, apply automatic fixes or running conditions and then automatically raise work orders only when required.

LoweConex continuously analyses energy demand in real-time of any connected asset. Then using the automation platform, LoweConex can apply running condition changes, virtual battery principles or Triad avoidance recipes to save on consumption.

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Temperature Monitoring Devices.

LoweConex Wifi & 4G enabled monitoring devices can be interfaced with a wide-range of data controllers currently present within your estate. These devices no longer require complex wired connections, they plug into any compatible controller and instantly start transmitting data to the LoweConex sphere. 

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