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5 Reasons Why a Large Sourcing Network Ticks All the Boxes

12th April '18

Lowe have one of the largest worldwide supplier networks in the refrigeration industry. This has been cultivated over many years, enabling Lowe to consistently stay at the forefront in terms of innovation, design, industry standards and more.

A network of 80+ manufacturers enables to Lowe to source the best solution for customers. From reducing in-store running costs with energy efficient equipment to future proofing with the latest refrigeration technology, Lowe's sourcing network provides many benefits for businesses. And Long-Term Rental is making these benefits accessible to businesses seeking more efficient ways to continue business in the current climate.

Unsure what difference a global sourcing network makes? Here are the 5 reasons why Lowe’s sourcing network ticks all the boxes on the refrigeration checklist.

  1. Industry Expertise

A keen understanding of industry trends informs both our supplier network and the team of Lowe experts who have garnered years of experience. Industry expertise supported by a global supplier network means that Lowe are well positioned to advise on and deliver the best solutions to fit requirements, however large or small they may be.

  1. Tailored Solutions

The team at Lowe love a challenge and a vast sourcing network makes it possible to facilitate unique, tailored solutions to meet individual requirements. Lowe experts are in the best position to find a solution that works for the customer.

  1. Cutting-Edge Equipment

Lowe’s equipment is industry-leading. Sourced mainly from Europe, the innovation and design stands out and of course performance is to a very high standard. In an industry loaded with pending legislation changes, companies are turning to technology to keep them ahead.

  1. Energy Efficient

There has never been a more pressing time to ensure that your equipment is energy efficient. The world is continually focused on improvement, and greener solutions is one important facet of improvement. Energy efficiency tends to come hand-in-hand with cost efficiency meaning that by investing in energy efficient equipment, you could be making significant savings in the long-term.

Lowe’s network is comprised of industry-leading suppliers who continually strive to improve equipment in such a dynamic industry.

  1. Future Proofing

A comprehensive supply network will set your business in good stead for the future, as the latest innovations can be brought to the shop floor through a single agent like Lowe and made accessible through Long-Term Rental. It is these innovations that open new revenue streams, cut running costs and build customer retention through leading visual displays.

Interested in how Long-Term Rental can work for your business? Contact the Lowe team today to discuss your requirements.

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