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What to Expect when Working with Lowe

09th April '18

Events are complex and varied, the Lowe team understand that.

No customer requirements are the same when it comes to the events market and Lowe work with the customer to provide a service tailored to individual requirements.

Whether you have a list of the equipment needed and planned, a basic idea or simply need some advice and guidance on the refrigeration, catering equipment and cold storage needed for your event – the Lowe team are happy to help.

At large events, Lowe have an on-site manager who oversees the entire supplier project. This means that that should you require additional assistance over the course of the event, there’s a dedicated Lowe expert and Lowe team on-call to help you.

For large events Lowe also have a hold of spare equipment on-site to overcome any unforeseen issues or if a customer turns out to need more equipment than first expected. Lowe has you covered.

For smaller scale events Lowe have a dedicated 24-hour helpline and nationwide engineering coverage to assist with any queries or support.

With equipment delivered, installed for the event and dismantled, packaged and shipped away post-event, Lowe cover all bases and ensure customers can focus on the event.

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