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Lowe Achieve ISO 9001 and 18001 Accreditation

04th May '18

During the last month Lowe has set down yet another milestone in the company’s achievements, gaining not only ISO 9001 for quality systems but also the highly sought-after ISO 18001 for Health & Safety.


To obtain both accreditations at the same time is a tremendous achievement by the team at Lowe and underlines the company’s commitment to tirelessly improving standards throughout its International operations.


Ian Lowry, Lowe’s Head of European Internal Operations said “For over 40 years our company as delivered an unrivalled level of service and product quality to our customers. We are known globally for maintaining and in most cases improving this standard and now it is a great achievement to be officially recognised for our quality systems by the ISO.” Ian goes on to say “…due to the diverse nature of our operations globally, we take Health & Safety very seriously and for us it boils down to keeping our teams safe at all times. This is the culture here and it is fantastic to be recognised for this under ISO 18001. A great success story for us and one we intend to build upon.”

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