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5 Tips for Trading at Seasonal Markets This Festive Season

21st November '18

When we think of Christmas trade the first thing that comes to mind is often the bustling shopfloors of a department store coping with Christmas shoppers. Or supermarkets keeping shelves stocked with an endless supply of turkeys and cranberry sauce.

It’s the most profitable time of year for retailers and for seasonal traders setting up camp at Christmas markets across the world. Last weekend marked the official opening of many Christmas markets throughout the UK – the start to a busy month filled with mulled wine, hot dogs and a whole host of other culinary delights.

As we enter the Christmas countdown, we’re looking at 5 tips market traders can utilise to make their seasonal trade a success. Supplying refrigeration, cold storage and catering equipment to festive markets and events across the world, these are just some of the insights Lowe staff have picked up along the way.


  1. Warm clothing

Spending in excess of 8 hours a day outdoors with only the shelter of a stall around you requires thermal clothing and plenty of it. It’s important to keep spare clothing because if your clothes get wet while outdoors you could wind you with pneumonia as happened to a trader at Manchester’s Christmas market. Take the extra precautions to stay safe this festive season.


  1. Storage for excess stock

Cold room storage is the most popular equipment option rented by Lowe during the festive season. The provision of additional storage space for surplus stock is an absolute essential for Christmas trade as traders are often set up onsite at the market for around a month.

The limited space at market stalls means there simply isn’t room for a month’s worth of stock. Read our tips for getting the most out of your cold room.


  1. Enticing food and cooking displays

With such a wide variety of food and drink options available at Christmas markets, it’s essential to make sure your stall is attention grabbing. If your stall doesn’t have anything to reel customers in with they may simply not notice your stall no matter how delicious the food or drink is.

Lowe have a range of display fridges and freezers suitable for stands of all sizes. From serve over counters to counter-top displays there are plenty of options for making your stall stand out from the crowd.


  1. Food and drink sampling

Nothing grabs attention quite like the prospect of free food. If your business is in the position to be able to allow customers to “try before they buy” this can be a great tactic to secure customers who are checking out their food and drink options at the market.

Lowe’s comprehensive range of catering equipment can help facilitate food sampling and cooking displays.


  1. Festive cheer

This is the fun part – be sure to join in with the festive cheer by decking out your stand in seasonal accoutrements. While customers flock to markets for food, drink and other purchases, that seasonal feeling is also an important part. It’s the busiest most profitable time of year but it’s also the most magical and atmospheric for many people – and your business can be a part of it.

Do you need refrigeration or catering equipment for an upcoming market or event stall? Get in contact with Lowe’s experts to discuss.


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