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5 Benefits of Remote Temperature Monitoring

08th January '19

For perishable products including food and medicine, adhering to required storage temperatures is imperative both for patient and consumer safety; not to mention compliance with the safety laws safeguarding consumers and patients. According to the FSA (Food Safety Agency) “An estimated 1 million people are affected by foodborne disease in the UK annually costing the economy in excess of £1 bn” (Annual Report 2017/18) Correct and safe storage of food products and medicine is an important step in reducing the risk of food poisoning or unsafe medication.

Investing in high quality cold storage alone isn’t enough to ensure perishable products are stored correctly. An extra layer of security is required to avoid food contamination, unsafe medication and ultimately, loss of product or business. Unforeseen equipment breakdowns or dips in temperature are commonplace however with remote temperature monitoring your fridges can be on surveillance 24/7 helping you respond quickly to perceived risks.

Each fridge rental with Lowe comes equipped with its very own remote temperature monitoring device – the LoweBot.

We look at the 5 benefits of this remote temperature monitoring system:


  1. It works on any device

Temperature monitoring via the LoweBot can be managed through any device, Android, Apple, PC, Mac or other - as long as you have an internet connection, you’re ready to go. You can access all your fridge’s temperature data at any time by logging into LoweBot via your internet browser. Additionally, the server is optimised to ensure fast web page loading so that if you need data to hand you can get it quickly and with ease.


  1. On-the-go notifications

Manual temperature checks are a thing of the past. Nowadays, your equipment can tell you when it needs attention through on-the-go notifications in real time to your device. This means you can respond quickly to breakdowns or faults and avoid the loss of products due to unsafe temperature decline.


  1. Stop equipment faults before they happen

The LoweBot collects performance data from your equipment and generates simple, informative graphs and reports on the current operational status of equipment and previous historical data logged on the system. This enables users to recognise patterns and anomalies in data and effectively manage and issues before they arise avoiding product loss and potentially a large repair cost.


  1. Remote management

 The LoweBot is like a fridge in the palm of your hand. You no longer need to manually manage the equipment, you can do it all via the LoweBot. Perhaps you need your freezer to begin a defrost cycle but have no way of getting to it to manually begin the process; you can do this remotely through the click of a button.


  1. Smart configuration

In the unfortunate event that your fridge or freezer does breakdown, the intelligent LoweBot system back up all previously used settings so when a faulty controller needs replaced you can download and restore the last known configuration.


Whether you manage refrigeration in a food preparation capacity or a healthcare capacity, Lowe’s experts offer a bespoke service to find the best solution. Interested in learning more about the LoweBot and how renting with Lowe can help you effectively manage a refrigeration fleet? Contact the Lowe team today to discuss further. 

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