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Industry News: Hospitality professionals losing 60 hours a year due to kitchen equipment issues

10th January '19

According to Catering Today 38% of professionals in the hospitality industry are losing 60 hours each year due to managing equipment issues in the kitchen.

This is an important statistic when considered in light of the fact that half of hospitality professionals consider themselves to be time poor when completing every day tasks in the kitchen.

Steve Buckmaster, Sales Director at BRITA Professional outlines:

“The back of house area is the backbone of any catering establishment and for a business to succeed, it needs to be operating as efficiently as possible.”

Buckmaster notes that even “…small back of house inefficiencies can easily build up into bigger productivity issues if they are not addressed.”

 A study conducted by BRITA Professional found the top three measure for improvement in kitchen efficiency –

  1. Reliable equipment
  2. More space in the kitchen
  3. Easy to clean equipment

The ways the study found that operators are striving to improve efficiency and save time and money:

  1. Preventative measures

Buckmaster has outlined that a high proportion of equipment breakdowns are related to limescale. Using a water filter on crucial pieces of equipment such as combi ovens is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the problem.

A third of hospitality professionals heave to deal with between four and six equipment breakdowns in the space of one year. Buckmaster notes that “Not only does this impact on productivity and consistency but also on the bottom line.”


  1. Cleaning and maintenance

Creating a cleaning and maintenance schedule can assist in ensuring that machines are operating at their optimum performance. However, Buckmaster adds that “Since more than half of hospitality professionals would prefer for a supplier to handle kitchen equipment servicing, be sure to ask your suppliers about the maintenance they can provide.”


  1. Streamlining kitchen set-up

The less steps that kitchen staff need to take to find the equipment or ingredients that they need the more efficiently a kitchen will operate. Buckmaster outlines “When considering the best kitchen design for service, it can be helpful to think of your back of house like a formula one pitstop. To have the most efficient layout possible, chefs should be able to access everything they need in no more than a few steps.”


“By applying time-saving practices such as these, catering professionals can have more space to create, innovate and develop without being held-up by unnecessary kitchen inefficiencies.”

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