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Long-Term Rental: Quality Products + Quality Service

09th May '19

Wimbledon and strawberries; tea and crumpets; the two Ronnies; a quality product and a quality service, they are all great matches.

All great matches propel one another onto greater heights, building on each other’s strengths to deliver a value greater than the sum of their parts.  When you transfer this to the business world, combining a quality product with quality service is a sure-fire recipe for success. The experts at Lowe Rental have made this a way of life for the whole company.

Quality products and a quality service = a happy customer. A simple statement to make, but what is really involved?

Quality product. Sourcing high performance equipment that matches individual customer requirements is key to building a brand reputation as strong as Lowe’s. The team achieve this by utilising a vast network of global suppliers, harnessing industry expertise and a keen understanding of requirements to source the best refrigeration solution for each customer.

“People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice.” - Harry Selfridge

Quality service. As consumers we all seek out good service, we take advice from trusted sources on the best places to get good service and we act on that advice, but why?

The answer feels very obvious but in fact it’s a complicated mix of triggers, emotive responses and communications platforms. At the end of it all we just want a supplier that has all the answers, takes the work out of finding a solution and delivers what they promised, when they promised it.  This is quality service.

Long-Term Rental = Quality Products + Quality Service

Long-Term Rental with Lowe brings together the quality products from one of the world's most comprehensive refrigeration networks and pairs it with the quality service that has been honed through over 40 years of listening to the market.

In fact, the team have recently been recognised for their dedication to continuous improvement and the recent ranking in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100, showing the company to be in the top 50 fastest growing businesses in the UK

This is a fantastic achievement for the whole team and is a testament to how the experts at Lowe continue to match quality products with a quality service.

Learn more about Long-Term Rental and how it can benefit your business.


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