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14th April '20

Refrigeration is no longer a mere necessity for retailers, it has advanced to play a crucial role in enhancing the whole in-store experience for customers, improving brand perception and consequently, improving sales.  

As retailers and customers alike adjust to new stringent health and safety regulations brought about by COVID-19, it has never been more important to keep fridge shelves stocked and make use of available floor space to help guide customers around the store.  

Being a part of the refrigeration industry for over 40 years, the team at Lowe been at the forefront of advances in the industry, seeing how its role has developed into what it is today. 

With these considerations in mind, here are 5 refrigeration options that enhance the in-store experience for customers: 


1. Head turning branded refrigeration units – Upright single glass door chiller 

With many different brands, offers and promotions all competing for customer attention on the shop floor, a branded refrigeration unit can be an effective way of standing out. 

Lowe’s G4 is a tall, slim unit that can be branded on all sides.  Whether it’s a product promotion or trialing a new product offering, investing in a G4 is an affordable refrigeration option that doesn’t take up a significant amount of floor space – an important consideration for retailers with limited space. 

Learn more about the G4. 


2. Showcase a range of options – Multi-deck display cabinet


According to “Range is more important to chilled shoppers than average convenience store shoppers, [so] a range of chilled products and pack sizes that suit these key missions will be paramount.” Traditionally the chilled range available in convenience stores is quite limited, however as shoppers are seeking out a bigger range, retailers are presented with a lucrative opportunity. 

Is chilled taking over in convenience? It’s certainly a category with plenty of potential to boost footfall and basket spend” notes Lowe’s CT Seriesmulti-deck units are a popular option for retailers to display an expansive product range. Internal illumination is one of the most notable features of this unit, assisting in the creation of a commanding display. Adjustable shelves mean this unit can be customized per product range. 

Learn more about CT Series 


3. Impulse purchases – Compact multi-deck display 

“Chilled shoppers are worth investing in – they spend longer in store (and this reflects in the fact they are more impulsive), they have bigger baskets, and spend more per trip.” – Retailers undoubtedly have an opportunity through chilled produce to encourage baskets to be filled, even further, through impulse purchases. 

Lowe’s promotional CLP unit strategically placed at the end of aisles can help attract attention to products that customers may be looking for as a treat or to find something they are willing to try while browsing for something new. Keepak Consumer Foods has found “…eight shopper needs that are being fulfilled by convenience foods, and ‘quick option,’ ‘treat myself’ and ‘fill me up,’ account for 74% of these.” 


4. No floor space? No problem – The counter-top option 

Retailers with little or no floor space to dedicate to new refrigeration needn’t feel left out as a counter-top freezer is a compact, low investment option to enhance the in-store experience. 

Lowe’s N2counter-top unit can be customized per product range with its adjustable shelves and turn heads with its internal illumination. Strategically placed, these smaller units can be an effective way of encouraging impulse purchases of frozen treats. 

Learn more about the N2. 

5. Helping the customer find what they need, quickly and easily - Grab ‘n’ Go Display 

Mintel has noted that “Consumers are increasingly looking for convenience in all aspects of their grocery buying experience” and making in-demand products easy to find is one way that retailers are mastering this. 

Lowe’s centrepiece Grab ‘n’ Go Panarea unit creates a commanding display that helps customers find exactly what they need with ease. The large surface area and depth of this unit reduces time spent re-stocking, reducing the risk of customer disappointment in not finding what they need. 


Interested in investing in new refrigeration but conscious of cost? Long-Term Rental is helping retailers worldwide invest in new refrigeration through affordable monthly, weekly or annual payments. Read more about Long-Term Rental here. 

Looking for back-of-house storage? Take a look at Lowe’s storage freezers and fridges range. 

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