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07th April '20

In response to Covid-19 businesses are reassessing current practices and implementing new measures to ensure the safety of staff and clients. 

While most of Team Lowe are now working from home, the delivery and installation of equipment still needs to be carried out and in order to do this safely, Lowe have put the following safeguards in place. 

Hygiene – preventing spread through handwashing 

  • Staff are required to wash hands regularly with soap and water and/or with hand sanitiser 
  • Additional handwash stations will be set up across Lowe warehouses to accommodate handwashing 
  • Additional white roll and bins will be provided to avoid cross contamination through coughing/sneezing 


Rental Equipment 

Lowe has always maintained a high standard of hygiene with equipment cleaning and de-sterilising equipment between rentals. 

Cleaning regimes have been intensified and processes heavily reviewed to ensure no risk. 

Drivers and equipment 

Where possible team members are using the same equipment each day. This includes forklifts, trucks and pallet trucks. This is taken as a measure to avoid cross contamination. 

Equipment is also being thoroughly cleaned down after use as a safety precaution. 

Additionally, porters are being sent in separate transport from drivers 


Drivers, porters and third parties aren’t permitted to enter Lowe’s warehouses. 

All communications will be carried out via telephone 

Meetings will be carried out via telephone or video conferencing 


Where possible, Lowe will request that customers and customers teams respect these social distancing requirements.  

Even the smallest steps can make a difference in stopping the spread of Covid-19. Lowe staff are taking these steps very seriously and have fully integrated them into the way projects are carried out. 

If you have any questions about how Lowe will be carrying out projects during Covid-19 or would like to discuss an upcoming project please get in contact. 

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