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Temporary Structures: How Does Temporary Kitchen and Cold Room Rental Work? 5 Steps to Rental

15th April '20

Lowe’s cold rooms and temporary kitchens are professional structures built for storage and preparation facilities. Temporary kitchens cover a range of production needs from building new preparation kitchen space to extending communal staff catering facilities in the workplace. Cold rooms are custom-built indoors or outdoors and are often rented alongside temporary kitchen facilities.

Lowe’s temporary kitchens and cold rooms are truly bespoke units that are built according to your unique specifications. With expertise and high-quality service, the Lowe Team ensures your requirements are keenly understood and your project brought to life by a team of experts who are adept in their field.

If you’re considering a temporary kitchen for your business, here are the 5 steps involved in the process:

  1. Identify what type of kitchen is needed

To provide a service as thorough as Lowe’s and a bespoke unit perfect for your needs, there are many details to get clear from the onset. The first of which is understanding what type of kitchen you need.

Premium quality, tented structures

The most compact kitchen available, Field Kitchens are used for more specific catering projects. Previously used for nursing homes, small pubs and hotels, Field Kitchens provide a secure and hygienic working space. This finished kitchen can supply approx. 250 meals per day.

Designed for locations with limited space, this unit is utilised for smaller catering projects. With room for up to three chefs to work, this unit can serve up to 500 meals per day. The number of meals can be increased through add-on equipment. Previous projects include nursing homes, pubs and small hotels.

Designed for larger scale catering operations, the Magnum Kitchen can serve up to 1,000 meals per day. This ensures an expanded menu range compared with the other kitchens. Previous projects include hospitals, hotels, MOD, industrial canteens and event caterers.

Available in 3.8m and 6.2m formats, these preparation kitchens aid in boosting food production capacity. Available for hire as a stand-alone facility or can be extended and linked with other units to create a larger temporary structure. All temporary preparation kitchens are compliant with current food hygiene legislation.

Once the above information is established the Lowe team need other key questions answered such as:

  • Does your business have its own services to connect to – power, water and waste? Lowe can provide these services if required.
  • Is the location accessible by tarmac or a compacted surface?
  • Are dining facilities required in addition to a kitchen?
  • Is it possible to access the area with a 40’ trailer and 100T crane?

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are available the following range of sizes:

Considerations for cold room rental:

Lowe require a flat surface to build upon.

  • 3ft of additional space must be given around cold rooms room for good ventilation
  • Access restrictions/ lifts/ stairs must be mentioned in advance. Lowe may need to do a site survey to ensure the Cold Room(s) can be built where required. This site survey is at an additional cost.
  • 2.5kw power per 8ft room needs to be supplied
  • 16amp commando sockets need to be supplied
  • Room must be destocked prior to collection.


2. Pick your hire period

After establishing the key considerations for your temporary kitchen and/or cold room you’ll need to think about how long the rental is required for.

Lowe’s temporary kitchens are available for rental for short, medium and long-term rental periods. Lowe also offer flexible hire periods which you can adjust during the rental agreement if needed.

3. Decide on catering and kitchen equipment, and cold room extras

Lowe offer more beyond temporary structures – we can stock them for you too.

By letting the Lowe team know your menu type and equipment list your kitchen will be stocked and ready for you – minimizing any disruption to business.

Cold rooms are available with the following extras:

4. Quotation

Whenever the above details are compiled, the process move into the quotation stage. By having your details as accurate as possible the team can recommend a bespoke rental agreement tailored to your requirements.

5. Time to use your new temporary structure

Once a rental agreement suited to you is agreed upon, the Lowe team will deliver and set everything up for your selected deadline.

For any queries that may arise during your rental agreement, the Lowe team are on hand assist and advise.

Are you interested in a temporary kitchen for your business? Contact Lowe today to put these 5 steps into action.

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