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LoweHub, Power Built In.

26th February '20

LoweHub, Power Built In.
Have you ever struggled to find a secure, convenient space to plug in your devices on an exhibition stand? Ever needed an extra power socket? Or simply wanted to charge your phone?
LoweHub is an all-in-one welcome desk with 2 universal power sockets and 2 USB charging ports, built in.
Designed to offer cost effective convenience, find out why a welcome desk with built-in power sockets offers a range of benefits for any exhibitor at every exhibition.

Improved Cost Efficiency
It is no surprise that for many exhibitors, cost is a deciding factor when designing their exhibition stand. From renting basic elements such as floor space, equipment and stand furniture to choosing lighting and designing booth branding, it all adds up.  A hidden cost to many new-comers and a familiar headache for seasoned exhibitors are power sockets, the electricity that ensures your chilled or frozen goods remain fresh, water for hot beverages reaches boiling point and your tablet doesn’t run out of charge just as you record a new sales lead is often provided at a premium.

What if you could save on the cost of electricity for your booth?

Each LoweHub is equipped with 2 universal power sockets and 2 USB charging ports. Offering 4 charging points for the price of 1, LoweHub adds additional power sockets to your stand without adding additional cost.

Curated Convenience
The importance of location at an exhibition is often thought of in terms of stand positioning. Is a booth located in an area of high footfall? where are competitors situated? what hall category is best suited to showcase your products?  While it’s important not to overlook any of these locations, you may want to consider the location of another important element, your power sockets.  Often located at the back of a booth, down the side of a piece of equipment or underneath stand furniture, power sockets are rarely found at the front of a booth. Yet where do you meet with prospective customers? Network with new customers? Or negotiate new business? At the front of your booth.

What if power sockets where located where it’s convenient for you?

Power sockets conveniently located inside the LoweHub allow you to remain at the front of your booth. Ensuring you can conduct business with prospective customers without waiting for your tablet to charge or easily serve refreshments without disturbing the conversation. Allowing you to make the most of valuable networking opportunities, this added convenience may often be overlooked but it should not be underestimated.

Multi-task with Multiple Devices
Whether you choose to exhibit at an exhibition with less than 100 or more than a 1,000 exhibitors, a booth setup which allows you to multi-task is an asset to any exhibitor. When power sockets in an exhibition booth are a precious commodity, it is not uncommon to see exhibitors swapping devices as they charge, unplugging one piece of equipment to allow for another or even doubling up on devices to ensure they always have a charged tablet or other necessity on hand.

What if you didn’t have to choose?

LoweHub removes this pressure from exhibitors, offering the flexibility to charge up to 4 devices at once with 2 universal power sockets and 2 USB charging ports conveniently located inside the welcome desk. Suitable for multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets or laptops, a combination of different charging ports ensures the LoweHub has a connection to suit any device.

Enhanced On-Stand Security
Security is an ongoing concern for exhibition organisers and exhibitors alike. Limited storage space on stand can make it difficult to find a suitable safe place, while the advantage of an open space to easily network with prospective customers can quickly become an advantage for unwelcome guests to easily access your valuable and personal belongings. Particularly for devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones which typically require charging throughout the day, plugging into an unmonitored power socket on an exhibition stand is a risk few exhibitors are willing to take but many are forced to contend with due to a lack of viable alternatives.

What if you could securely protect your devices on your stand?

LoweHub power sockets are conveniently located on top of the safe and protected by a secure roller door, allowing devices to be safely stored while charging or plugged into power sockets. Simply plug your devices in, place in the ambient storage space and slide the secure roller door down to ensure access on authorization only.

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