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27th March '20

Throughout the years Lowe cold rooms have been utilised for a wide variety of projects.  

From additional capacity for retailers to cope with increased demand, to more creative projects such as a snow spa on the beach in Dubai. Lowe’s chiller and freezer rooms are a versatile solution that can be rapidly deployed and installed with ease. 

How do they work? 

Comprised of flexible interlocking panels, Lowe cold rooms can be customized as per size and space requirementsTheir flatpack format means they can be built on-site to facilitate specific space requirements and can be easily extended for increased cold storage space. They can be quickly built on-site, indoors or outdoors and designed to any size requirement or configuration. 

What are they used for? 

Lowe cold rooms have been used for the following project types: 

  • Surplus storage facilities at events and exhibitions 
  • Increased chilled and frozen stock area for retailers during peak demand 
  • Expanded stock area for restaurants and hotels 

Due to their ease of build and installation, Lowe cold rooms can be quickly delivered and installed to respond to urgent projects and emergency requirements.  

What’s included? 

From different door styles to racking, there are a number of features and optional extras to create your own bespoke cold room solution. 

Here is an overview: 

How can I order a cold room? 

The Lowe team need a few details to get started on your order: 

Delivery and installation 

Important things to note for a quick and easy build and installation: 

  • Lowe require a flat surface to build upon. 
  • 3ft of additional space must be given around the room for good ventilation 
  • Access restrictions/ lifts/ stairs must be mentioned in advance 
  • 2.5kw power per 8ft room needs to be supplied 
  • 16amp commando sockets need to be supplied 
  • Room must be destocked prior to collection. 


Contact the team to organise your cold room rental project. 

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