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We Are Lowe Stories: Day 3 of International Women's Day Countdown - Team PKL

04th March '20

For Day 3 of our International Women's Day countdown, we head to the UK to hear from Team PKL!

Meet Amy Portman, Internal Sales Executive, Fiona Harrison, Event Sales Executive, Lucy Davies, Key Account Manager and Karen Rumsey, Sales Director!

When you were 17, what did you want to do?

"I knew quite early that I wanted to go into events management and I wanted to be a wedding and events planner which I actually did for 6 years. I then realised it had a short life span and I wanted a bit of a longer career move where there was opportunity to absorb more knowledge and grow with the job."

Best thing about working at PKL?

"The fact that my knowledge has expanded massively and the opportunities that have risen through it. It’s the fact that there is so much to learn, but it’s also always changing, there are diverse customers and I’m constantly problem solving. The best thing is knowing that a kitchen unit actually went out because of me!"

Who is your inspiration?

"At work it would be my sales director, Karen Rumsey, because as a fellow international women, she has gone from the start of PKL up to being a director and I just think that’s extremely impressive.

Personally, it would be my stepdad because from the age of 21 he had not a lot and created his first company and now he’s 82 with 30 companies and he’s still working. He’s achieved that from just knuckling down and learning and admitting when you don’t know everything and you just keep on going.

When you were 17, what did you want to do?

"I was looking to go into special effects at Universal Studios in America. I did a college course which did special effects makeup, through that I had to do hairdressing and beauty, and subsequently I ended up taking on hairdressing more than I did the special effects."

How did you get to your career today?

"I started off hairdressing and then I went into restaurants, from there I answered a part time job on a radio station which then led into full time co-presenting on a breakfast show, which then led into another role in the police and subsequently moved on to more event type roles!"

Best thing about working at PKL?

"Hands down the people. We’ve got a great team and great clients. In events we have to be a little bit out there and we all just blend in really well and work as one. I love the atmosphere here and for a predominately female team you can’t really tell that, we all get on really well. It’s more about the people than the gender, if there’s a good team then there’s a good team, it really doesn’t matter what gender you are!"

Who is your inspiration?

"Definitely my dad. There was a family business which made it through the first recession, but unfortunately not the second one so from this he started out on his own. My sister and I went to private school, we had a lovely family home, and we never went without. We didn’t have to change anything and he made sure that everything stayed the same. If I can be half as successful as my dad then I will be pretty pleased with myself!"

When you were 17, what did you want to do?

"I really wanted to be a primary school art teacher. I knew I wanted a family when I was older, I really liked working with children having already done work placements and I love art which is one of my hobbies. I thought why not work at doing something you love!"

Best thing about working at PKL?

"PKL for me was a fresh start, it was a career move and one that I’m glad I made. The highlight of working here is working with high profile clients, learning about how different businesses are run and seeing all the hard work that I put in to looking after my clients and how they prove to be successful. It’s a totalloy different environment to any one I’ve worked in before, there’s a lot more aspects to consider. I like a challenge so it’s nice to have something new to tackle."

Who is your inspiration?

"My dad is my inspiration. Growing up he worked tirelessly and really hard on his own business to make sure me, my mum and my sister had everything we needed. This showed me the ethic and attitude I needed to make sure I could provide the same for my family. If I can provide my kids with everything that he made sure me and my sister had, I’ll be a happy woman.

When you were 17, what did you want to do?

"I wanted to be a child psychologist so that I could understand children’s behaviours. I studied psychology at A-Level and then went on to do a degree in it."

Best thing about working at PKL?

"Working with a variety of customers, they’re just so different. We have customers from all different markets and industries and it’s just great, no project is the same and that’s what I love about it."

Who is your inspiration?

"My dad is definitely my inspiration. He worked really hard his whole life, he’s got an amazing work ethic and that’s probably where I’ve learnt my work ethic from. He’s just a very inspirational character!"

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