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5 Equipment Recommendations for Converting Your Business Into A Retail Space

20th May '20

Many of the measures brought about by lockdown won’t be going anywhere any time soon. And as businesses look towards the future, keeping up the momentum of adapting and diversifying business operations will be key to survival. 

With the economy on a historic downturn, there is understandable reticence to make large cap-ex investments however 

Rental provides flexibility in the face of uncertainty. Low risk and low cost, renting equipment when adapting to new circumstances allows your business to effectively try out a new way of operating without having to blindly commit to it. 

Whether you’re a pub owner offering groceries or a convenience store manager trying out new in-store initiatives, here are 5 rental equipment options for spaces of all shapes and sizes:  

  1. Upright Chiller / Freezer 

When floorspace is limited an upright chiller unit is a smart investment for the shopfloor. Slimline but tall, these units take advantage of vertical real estate offering an effective display for drinks, ice cream frozen food and more 

Discover upright units 

2. Multi-deck cabinets 

If you have wall space available, multi-deck cabinets are a worthwhile investment. Available in 3 sizes, the CT Series has enabled convenience store and large retailers alike to increase their product ranges, giving shoppers more choice and in turn increasing transaction value. 

Discover multi-deck units 

3. Grab ‘n’ Go 

Perfectly placed in the centre of ailses, where space allows for it, grab ‘n’ go units help customers find the produce they need with ease. They are also utilised for product promotions and multi-buy offers due to their depth and extensive display area. 

Discover grab ‘n’ go units 

4. Compact multi-deck displays  

Effectively placed at the end of ailses, compact multi-deck units help in attracting attention to impulse purchases. Available in a range of sizes and formats, these units can be incorporated on to a range of shopfloors and newly converted retail environments. 

Discover multi-deck units 

5. Counter-top units 

No floor space doesn’t mean there no opportunity for new display refrigeration or freezers. Compact but eye-catching these units can be branded and are often utilised for impulse purchases at the till. 

Discover counter-top units 


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