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Equipment Rental: Flexibility in the Face of Uncertainty

26th May '20

In the business world, adapting and diversifying have been two of the emerging themes surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. Taxi firms entering the food delivery sphere, fashion brands designing face masks; many businesses have been exploring new avenues for continuing business operations during challenging times.

Nations worldwide are getting to grips with the fact that there will be no quick fix for Covid-19. Many of the social distancing and hygiene measures brought about by lockdown will continue to be a feature in our everyday lives for quite some time.

That is why as businesses look towards the future, keeping up the momentum of adapting and diversifying business operations is going to be key to survival.

When so much is in a state of flux however, there is understandable reticence to make significant operational decisions.

The situation presents a tricky situation: how can businesses navigate the ‘new normal’ with no clear path, no room for error and tighter purse strings than ever?

Equipment Rental

Changing business operations often requires high cost investment in equipment and other assets. However, the fixed fees of rental agreements are enabling businesses to effectively ‘try out’ a new way of operating without having to blindly commit to it.

Low risk and low cost, rental provides flexibility in the face of uncertainty.

Catering companies that were once dependent on a rolling events calendar are now empowered to explore the food delivery market. And are able to invest in temporary kitchen facilities available on flexible rental terms.

Hotels experiencing a strain on normal business operations are able to convert their premises and move into the retail sphere through rental refrigeration.

Swapping large, up-front expenditure on assets for the flexibility of fixed rental fees is inspiring businesses to stay creative with how their business will operate moving forward.

How Rental Works

Whether it is for 3 months or 3 years, it is achievable to rent the assets needed to take that new step for your business and meanwhile adapt to the uncharted landscape of the ‘new normal.’

Lowe support a wide range of businesses and develop rental agreements per project.  Lowe’s equipment range gives an overview of the equipment types available however backed by a network of 100+ manufacturers the team at Lowe can source bespoke equipment solutions for your requirements.

The rental process

  1. Discovery

A member of the Lowe Expert Retail department will discuss your retail requirements to fully understand all aspects of your needs.

  1. Sourcing

The Lowe technical team will engage and source solutions within Lowe’s network of over 100 global manufacturers.

  1. Rental Plan

Lowe’s retail department will work on shaping a rental plan that supports your retail goals.

  1. Implementation

The operation and installation teams now take over, rolling out and maintaining your equipment as per the terms of the contract.

  1. Removal

At the end of the plan Lowe’s operations team move in and remove the equipment as per your timescale and with minimum disruption to business.


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