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Reopening Safely: 5 Considerations for Adapting Your Retail Business

18th May '20

After two months of adapting to the challenging circumstances of Covid-19, the so-called “new normal” that Covid-19 has brought about is beginning to form the roadmap out of lockdown. 

The safety measures adopted by retailers to date such as enhanced hygiene, PPE and limited numbers of shoppers at one time, have all set a precedent for future business operations both for customers and staff alike. 

As businesses begin to consider in the longer term how both customers and staff can be kept safe, here are 5 points for consideration: 


1. Communications 

Balancing safety with the risk of alienating customers is one of the biggest challenges for retailers currently. While retailers can take an active tole in reducing customers in-store, having clear signage to guide customers through the store and to ensure safe distance is exercised by all is important in creating a safe space for both customers and staff going forward. 


 2. Space 

Store space, including aisle width and entrance size are now important considerations for retailers adapting their business to Covid-19. 

This also brings the entire customer journey around the store into focus – how can customers best be guided around the store to easily find the product they need most during this time? 

From the refrigerated essentials to the frozen food for stocking up on Lowe have a wide range of display fridges and display freezers available for rental in a variety of sizes to suit shop floors of all shapes and sizes. 


3. Hand Hygiene 

Hand hygiene is still one of the most effective ways in stopping the spread of Covid-19. Offering hygiene stations where space allows for it can offer both customers and staff additional piece of mind when entering and exiting stores and promote the ongoing safety of your store.  

Lowe have a number of handwash and hand sanitization stations available on flexible rental agreements. And with no need for plumbing or a complicated installation these units can be set up with ease and rapidity. 


4. Extended Cold and Frozen Storage 

With heightened demand for frozen food, extended frozen storage space can assist with safe and effective stock rotation.  

Lowe’s chilled and frozen storage rooms can be built indoors or outdoors and are customizable for individual requirements. 


5. Food Preparation 

Due to the increased demand for food deliveries many businesses are extending their food preparation areas to facilitate more orders and ensure safe preparation areas for staff. Lowe have a range of temporary kitchen facilities available for rental in a variety of sizes. 


Contact the team to discuss your rental requirements for reopening safely.

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