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What is LoweConex?

22nd May '20

LoweConex is a completely cloud-based monitoring system that utilises the latest IoT & MQTT data transfer protocols, enabling rapid and secure two-way communication between LoweConex and the connected device.  

The core technical principles of LoweConex make it completely unique when compared to any other monitoring system, regardless of the data being monitored.  

LoweConex enables users to take control of their data.  Instead of disconnected systems that increase the analytical pressure on the teams that manage them, LoweConex combines these data points into a single data sphere. This unlocks analytical connections otherwise out of reach before LoweConex. 

Don’t just view your data, get control of your data and use it 

IoT principles enable real-time data driven changes to be automatically applied to any connected asset, generating tangible improvements in a wide range of areas. Improvements such as: 

Get Control of Your Data  

Get full 360o visibility of up to 1 million data points per store per second.  Each LoweConex data sphere can map up 2700 store locations. Truly unrivalled visibility of all your estate wide data. 

Reduction in Equipment Maintenance Costs 

LoweConex uses IoT Predictive Maintenance techniques to automate alarm telemetry and raise work orders.  With direct API between a wide range of work order systems, LoweConex improves the maintenance performance of the connected assets and the contractors that service them. 

Reduction in Energy Consumption 

Understand how effectively each connected device uses energy, then make corrective estate-wide improvements via LoweConex, using two-way communication with each device. 

Agile Control of Energy Demand 

Energy usage data is collected estate wide which produces clear patterns of energy demand across the connected devices. Using rule-based logic and AI-driven automation, LoweConex can adjust running conditions to make the maximum use of energy when it is most cost effective.  

Reduction in Risk Surrounding Compliance 

Customers with large estates of assets often struggle to    effectively monitor and track compliance with regulations, which in turn affects quick reporting.   

Once set up, LoweConex can harvest data every second and without human intervention the system records compliance critical data and rule-based alarm telemetry. When required, it automatically takes corrective action or notifies the responsible parties when any compliance alarm is triggered 

 Watch the LoweConex explainer video here or head over to the LoweConex page to discover more. 

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