Rental+ Case Study: Little Moons

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8 August 2022
Rental+ Case Study: Little Moons

Rental+ Success Story.


Gourmet mochi brand 

Refrigeration to facilitate product expansion

Rental+ Solution: Branded “ grab and go ” refrigeration units were shipping out to various retailers across Europe and installed in stores by the team.

Rental+ Term: 2 years

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Number of Units: 331


"When we began our search for a refrigeration supplier, we were rather apprehensive about it. We had little to no knowledge about the best way of managing our expansion into various retail stores and obviously refrigeration was a necessity.

The Lowe team made the process very straight forward, suggesting Rental+ which really worked for us given the number of stores we were expanding into. Having the branding, shipping, installation and maintenance included too meant we had even less to worry about during a very busy time for the business! Overall, I'm delighted with Rental+ with Lowe."

- CEO, Little Moons


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