Rental+ Case Study: Tesco

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8 August 2022
Rental+ Case Study: Tesco

Rental+ Success Story.


Large EU Retailer

Refrigeration to facilitate a new initiative

Rental+ Solution: Refrigeration units delivered and installed at various Tesco stores across the UK.

Rental+ Term: 2.5 years

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Number of Units: 900+


“We are consistently looking for ways that we can reduce our food waste in daily operations. This led to the inception of our initiative to reduce feast waste by offering unsold edible food waste to our colleagues.

In order to facilitate this project, we needed a spacious and easily accessible refrigeration unit back of house. Rental+ with Lowe Was the best option for us because it allowed a greater degree of flexibility when trying out this new initiative.

Lowe Delivered and installed highly reliable branded glass door chillers, and worked with us throughout the trial, which helped us reduce our edible food waste by over 20%.”


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