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Case Study: Desert Film Shoot

Lowe Rental Dubai supported a film shoot in United Arab Emirates with rental equipment. The crew chose remote desert spots for their film locations and needed a supplier that could support throughout the duration of the project. With some locations being far from shops and restaurants, many long days of filming required the provision of food and drink, and the equipment and facilities for the catering team to prepare meals for the crew across the various locations they traveled to.


Filming for the project took place in a range of locations in United Arab Emirates beginning first in Abu Dhabi then onwards to Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Liwa and finishing up back in Abu Dhabi again.

With this number of location changes for the film shoot, it was important that the crew invested in an accomplished, local equipment supplier for their on-site catering, who could, crucially, keep up with the pace of the film shoot.

Catering Requirements

Regardless of the location, the crew needed mobile production and preparation kitchens ready at 5am each day of filming for chefs to cook breakfasts for the whole crew.

Delivering the solution, Lowe’s container kitchens, cold rooms and range of other catering essentials were mobilized overnight in the various locations across United Arab Emirates.

The entire project was delivered by a team of Lowe’s equipment specialists and an Operations Manager who oversaw everything on a day-to-day basis. The team operated by using low loaders and trailers which carried the equipment from location to location.


“We move about a lot on our location shoots and depending on the locations it can be difficult to find an equipment supplier who really has the capabilities and capacity to deliver on what we need. This film shoot in particular saw us travelling to five locations across United Arab Emirates, often to remote desert areas.

The Lowe team sorted out all our catering equipment needs with container kitchens, cold rooms and other equipment ready for us every morning, so our chefs were all ready to go for those 5am starts. Overall I’m really happy and impressed with the Lowe team’s proficiency and expertise on this unique project.”

Team Lowe are delighted to have worked as part of such an exciting project and can’t wait to support future film shoots.

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