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Long-Term Rental Case Study: Little Moons

Siblings Howard and Vivien Wong launched Little Moons back in 2010 through a love for their childhood dessert - mochi. A traditional Japanese sweet treat, for the Western world mochi is a fresh new take on ice cream: bite-sized balls of gelato wrapped in soft and pillowy rice dough, defying preconceived Western notions of what ice cream is and can be.

The Wong siblings set out with the mission of bringing a gourmet, artisanal and unique dessert experience to the masses, and with one Little Moons now eaten every 3 seconds, they’ve certainly achieved this.


As the brand name and taste of Little Moons spread far and wide, interest from various retailers meant a need to rapidly expand their product’s frozen display. However, with little knowledge about rolling out display refrigeration, Little Moons were searching for a partner and a solution that would be modern and cost effective but which wouldn’t be strenuous on time as they needed to focus on their core product as it expanded into new markets.

Finding a Solution

Backed by one of the world’s largest manufacturer networks, Lowe are well-positioned to source specific equipment to meet client criteria. Pair this with the Lowe team’s in-house expertise and experience in supporting a wide range of retail projects and you have the ideal partner.

Discussing their requirements with the Lowe team, Little Moons outlined that they would need one large unit for supermarket use and one smaller unit for smaller retailers. Additionally, given the colourful, striking appearance of Little Moons mochi, it was important to have a unit that has as much display area as possible which would emphasise Little Moons high-end ‘Pick n’ Mix’ concept.

With requirements to work towards the Lowe team set about finding the ideal refrigeration solution and presenting it to the Little Moons team.

Long-Term Rental

Given the scale of Little Moons retail roll out, the Lowe team proposed Long-Term Rental of refrigeration as a viable option. This meant that as Little Moons entered this new phase of their business, they wouldn’t have huge capital expenditure for refrigeration in various retail settings in various locations.

Rather, they would be able to spread the cost of equipment through manageable fixed payments. As Lowe’s Long-Term Rental agreements include installation and maintenance too this meant Lowe could take care of everything allowing the Little Moons team to focus on managing their upcoming expansion plans.

Roll Out

Following Little Moons approval, Lowe’s logistics and operations team set about putting together a plan for the roll out of their refrigeration. The Lowe team managed the application of branded graphics to refrigeration units, the fitting out of various retail interiors, shipping and maintenance of refrigeration throughout the agreement.


“When we began our search for a refrigeration supplier, we were rather apprehensive about it. We had little to no knowledge about the best way of managing our expansion into various retail stores and obviously refrigeration was a necessity.

The Lowe team made the process very straight forward, suggesting Long-Term Rental which really worked for us given the number of stores we were expanding into. Having the branding, shipping, installation and maintenance included too meant we had even less to worry about during a very busy time for the business! Overall, I’m delighted with long-term rental with Lowe.”


The Lowe Team are delighted to be playing a supporting role in Little Moon’s expansion and continued success.

Are you interested in learning more about Long-Term Rental? Get in contact with the Lowe team today.

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