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Singapore Grand Prix 2017

The Singapore F1 GP is held in the Marina Bay Street Circuit and takes over the city in September each year. The race is held at night and boasts one of the largest hospitality and guest numbers of all Asia F1 venues.

In 2017, Lowe provided many walk-in cold rooms utilized by team suites and for storing food and beverage for hospitality vendors around the circuit.

Additionally, hundreds of mobile chillers and freezers were supplied to hospitality suites and the pit straight areas.

Further units were supplied for a range of uses in bars, hospitality areas and kitchens throughout the city site. These units included – under counter bottle coolers, GN bench chillers and freezers for food preparation, storage and display.

With the project spread over a total of 40 days, the Singapore Grand Prix is one of the biggest events in Lowe’s event calendar. Within this 40 day project Lowe delivered, installed and provided on-site technical support. When the event finished Lowe also decommissioned and organized removal of equipment.

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