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Exhibition stand builders and designers: why work with Lowe?

22nd July '14

Lowe Refrigeration has a long history of working alongside stand builders for food exhibitions. If you are a stand builder, here are a few reasons why we think that together we can make a good team.

If you’re an exhibitor, here are a few reasons why we think you should insist your stand designer comes to Lowe for your refrigeration requirements.

We’re a global refrigeration company

We attend food exhibitions around the world. No doubt you do too. Working with Lowe means you get consistency on your stand whether you’re at a show in Beijing or Brussels.

We’re experienced

We’ve been supplying refrigeration to exhibitions since the 1970s. Exhibition stand décor might have changed slightly since then, but we’re still providing top–of–the–range chillers and freezers.

We know how stand building works

We don’t profess to be experts in the art of stand–building, but we do work with hundreds of stand builders already.

And having done that for more than three decades, we’ve supplied fridges to just about every design and layout of exhibition stand you can dream up.

We always deliver

In the current economic climate, business is tough. Lowe has been in operation since 1977 and continues to be the market leader in short–term refrigeration rentals, so you know when you order with us that your order will always be fulfilled.

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