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5 Ways Cold Rooms Can Assist Retail Operations

08th November '18

With the advent of November comes the countdown to seasonal festivities. Nationwide, the fairy lights and tinsel will be adorned, and arm-length shopping lists written. Love it or hate it; rest assured the festive cheer is imminent.

For retailers, responding to this increased demand is undoubtedly a challenge and additional resources are frequently deployed to manage seasonal trading. Increasing cold storage is just one of the resources retailers can avail of to respond effectively to seasonal demand.

Lowe’s operations experts have been supporting retailers in their seasonal trade efforts for many years. They have found that cold rooms are a suitable choice for a wide range of retail operations. The ease and flexibility in installation combined with zero disruption make them a popular choice for retailers during the festive season.

Here are the 5 ways that cold rooms can assist retail operations:


  1. Increased storage space

With increased custom comes the need for increased storage space. Stock rooms can be hard to navigate at the best of times but during the festive season surplus stock can make them downright chaotic and sometimes even unsafe.

Investing in a cold room for the festive season provides the means of extending storage space and having it set up wherever it’s easily accessible. Whether it’s inside or outside the store, Lowe’s cold rooms are a versatile, effective addition to your seasonal operations.


  1. Easier stock rotation

 Increased storage space means that retailers can more effectively replenish stock. This helps avoid the disappointment of empty shelves when customers are under pressure to tick off items on their shopping list.


  1. Innovative click and collect solutions

 Previous Lowe customers have used increased storage to expedite the checkout process for customers who have pre-ordered and don’t need to spend time in a long queue. This assists with customer satisfaction and with managing fluctuating store capacity.


  1. Better organisation when it’s needed most

Well organized stock is key to maintaining a high level of service during busy periods. Additional storage space can relieve some of the pressure put on stock room capacity during increased demand, effectively making stock easier to organise, find and replenish.


  1. Business as usual – no interruption to operations

 Cold room rental is a stress-free alternative to reefer trailers which are a popular option for storage space for the retail sector.

As many retailers will be aware, utilising reefer containers transported via trailers for cold storage can cause considerable disruption to the store operations both for staff and customers. Where reefers have access restrictions, Lowe’s cold rooms arrive flat packed and ready to be assembled. They can then be easily installed in whatever location is preferred.


Interested in learning more about how Lowe’s cold storage solutions can assist your seasonal retail operations? Get in contact with a Lowe expert today.

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