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5 Reasons to Upscale your Store this Festive Season

30th October '18

For retailers the festive season is often met with apprehension. A lot is riding on that short space of time. It’s the busiest time of the year and as a result the most profitable. However, it can also be the most stressful time of the year for those retailers who aren’t adequately prepared.

With Lowe’s seasonal retail solutions, coping with seasonal demand doesn’t need to be a stressful experience for you and your staff.

Lowe’s operations team have supported a wide range of retailers both large and small in their seasonal store upscales. Installing bespoke solutions Lowe staff have seen positive results first-hand. We consulted Lowe’s operations team on their top 5 reasons to upscale your business this festive season.

So, if you’re already bracing yourself at the thoughts of the festive period, read on:


  1. Enhance your customer’s experience

In the midst of processing sales and restocking ever emptying shelves, it can be easy to forget that the festive season can also be stressful for the customer too.

With a never-ending shopping list, it’s important to make the in-store experience as stress-free as possible for shoppers. This can be done through the provision of extra cold storage and temporary refrigeration. Increased cold storage off the shop floor will facilitate easier stock rotation and temporary refrigeration on the shop floor will help make those high-demand items (like turkeys and cranberry sauce) easy to locate and access in busy store environments.


  1. A refreshed in-store look

In the age of abundant shopping options both physical and online, consistently keeping stores improved and refreshed is important for retaining custom.

Upscaling your store with temporary refrigeration solutions can transform your store and even expedite transactions through innovation click and collect solutions that leave customers with a positive in-store experience. Contact the Lowe team to discuss this particular solution in greater detail.


  1. Latest technology in refrigeration

With a store upscale Lowe’s operations staff install the latest in refrigeration technology. This ensures that your store is equipped with energy efficient plug-in refrigeration that is kind to your store’s running costs and a more environmentally conscious option.


  1. Product promotion

Installing extra refrigeration for seasonal demand can assist with promotional product displays during the festive season. Whether you want to elevate the product promotion to turn more heads on the shop floor or simply increase shelf space for promotional products, Lowe’s operations team have a solution suitable for your store.


  1. Potential for increased sales and customer retention

A store that’s easy to navigate, with well stocked shelves and easy-to-locate products will help with building a positive impression of your business overall. And of course, with the provision of a well-managed seasonal upscale plan the workforce is well prepared for increased custom, which will have a trickle-down effect on customer service - something we all know is of utmost importance during the hectic festive season.


Are you interested in how Lowe can assist with your seasonal trading? Get in touch to discuss further.

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