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Dark Stores

How do Dark Stores Work?

A dark store is generally a large warehouse that can either be used to facilitate a "curbside pick" service, where a customer collects an item they have ordered online, or as an order fulfilment platform for online sales. Not open to the public, the interior of a dark supermarket may appear like a conventional supermarket, set out with aisles of shelves containing groceries and other retail items.

The recent on-demand delivery surge has prompted many companies to locate their dark stores as close to customers as they can. This allows for ultra-fast delivery but generally means smaller SKU counts and repurposed real-estate. These micro dark stores can be found in unused parking structures and office spaces. Due to their unique real estate demands, Lowe Rental’s flexible equipment and payment options allow for easy, turnkey setup of one of the most important elements of these locations: Refrigeration capacity.

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SMART enabled IoT Refrigeration

Our long-term rental refrigeration is delivered as a plug and play solution with service and maintenance included.

  • Support fast growth plans - 45 years experience within the Retail & Refrigeration industry
  • Smart enabled refrigeration – Built in remote monitoring technology
  • Wide range of stock – Multiple different unit options available to meet your dark stores requirements
  • Long product life - Robust engineering and construction, using high quality equipment and materials
  • Food Safety and Compliance - Next generation monitoring technology, allowing for automated temperature checking
  • Finance plans – CapEx/OpEx options available
  • New efficient equipment upon renewal
Why Rent Instead Of Purchase?
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Dark Store Products

Dual temperature triple door refrigerator available for rent

Triple glass door reach-in display chiller / freezer. The G8 is one of Lowe's best renting chillers due to enhanced LED lighting designed to put your products in the spotlight. Available to rent across the US.

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Walk In Modular Cold Rooms

Modular walk in cold rooms and walk in freezers provide the perfect cold storage solution even in the most challenging environments. Lowe’s extensive logistical program ensures successful delivery and installation, each and every time. As part of our market leading service, we offer outright purchase along with cold room rental.

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Refrigeration and Cold Room Design

Specialising in refrigeration systems design from concept through to implementation, supporting clients in an ever-demanding market

  • Refrigeration System Design - Offering all elements of refrigeration design including: equipment selection, pipe sizing, electrical, networks and controls designs
  • Project Management - Converting agreed scope of works into an operational plan
  • Design and Project Auditing - Auditing designs to ensure client specification and industry compliance
  • Supplier and Product Evaluation - Creating and developing: technical cold room and plant installation specifications, technical bulletins and technical reviews 
  • Cost Management - Track all elements of project costs to keep in line with client budgets, including the management of orders raised and spend reporting
  • Inspection and Testing - Ensuring refrigerated display cabinets meet specified requirements for construction, characteristics and performance
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Remote Monitoring

Get connected to a smarter way of working

  • Automated Temperature Monitoring - Eliminate time consuming manual temperature checks and error-prone paper logs
  • Food Safety Compliance - Reduce risk with 60 second data resolution, automated compliance reports and set-point lockdown
  • Instant Alarm Alerts - Mitigate against stock loss and ensure compliance with real-time alarm alerts sent via SMS, Email or Phone Call
  • IoT Predictive Maintenance - Reduce downtime, eliminate unnecessary engineer call-outs and avoid costly repairs
  • Time-Saving Automation -Save labour, increase operational efficiencies and implement fast resolutions using innovative IoT principles and automation
Discover Intelligent Asset Management
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Real Estate and Location Sourcing

Helping operators source real estate and locations to grow their existing operation

  • Expand your Dark Kitchen and Dark Store operation with us
  • Real estate and location sourcing in your chosen area
  • Partnered with experienced real estate businesses
  • Easily add more dark store units to scale your operation
  • We will fit-out the real estate with equipment or provide a modular kitchen to the location
  • Taking on new real estate partners to earn revenue with us
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Modular Dark Store Space

Delivered to site as a plug and play solution to support last-mile grocery delivery little risk and the opportunity to scale fast

  • Refrigeration and equipment installed in each space
  • Delivered to site as a plug and play solution
  • Easy to relocate and move to a different site
  • Easily add more dark store units to scale your operation
  • Designed to fit in with your requirements
  • Manufactured off-site
Discover Modular Dark Store Solutions

How do we help Dark Stores?

  • Industry Experience

    With over 40 years experience in the retail and refrigeration industry, Lowe Rental are ready to help you build successful networks of dark stores.

  • Global Supply Chain

    Lowe Rental have a truly global supply chain, supported by offices in 11 countries around the world, ensuring we have the best fit solutions, delivered fast.

Our Journey so far... 

It started in the bustling aisles of exhibition halls, it grew within packed balustrades at crowd-pleasing events.  It really gained momentum in the food and beverage aisles of multinational retailers, and now it garners new attention within the fast food take-out and instant grocery delivery space. 

Proud of what we’ve achieved, excited for what’s to come.

Lowe Rental have a truly global supply chain, supported by offices in 11 countries around the world, ensuring we have the best fit solutions, delivered fast.

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