SMART Enabled Refrigeration

SMART Enabled Refrigeration

Award-winning IoT software that intelligently monitors and controls your Refrigeration equipment to deliver savings.


What is SMART Enabled?

Award-winning IoT software that intelligently monitors and controls your Refrigeration equipment to deliver savings.

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Reduce additional component costs.

Remote Fixes & Adjustments

Reduce asset downtime and engineer callout charges.

Automated Temperature Monitoring & Compliance Reports

Reduce food wastage and automate compliance.

Energy Reduction Initatives

Analyse real-time energy usage and reduce consumption.

Time Saving Automation

Redeployment of labour by automating manual processes.

Award-winning IoT software

A recognised disrupter technology within climate tech and sustainability sectors, LoweConex is an award-winning IoT software innovator. Proud to be widely adopted and recognised by mainstream retailers such as Co-op and Morrisons. 


What Equipment is Available SMART Enabled?

Working with 100+ manufacturers, Lowe Rental source the following SMART Enabled Refrigeration equipment:

Versatile Cold Storage
Versatile Cold Storage

Modular Cold Rooms

A versatile cold storage option available as a chiller or freezer.

Smart-Protec.png BLVK.png

Key Features

  • Rapid assembly
  • Running temperature: -10˚F to 50˚F
  • Dual temperature setting (chiller or freezer)
  • Modular system available in variable sizes
Learn More about Cold Rooms

SMART enabled Refrigeration Equipment on Lease+ plans

What is included with Lease+ equipment plans? 

No Capex

New equipment with each plan. All sourced, delivered & installed as part of your plan.

Expertly Sourced Equipment, Matched to Your Operation

Refrigeration, cold rooms & catering equipment – we have you covered.

No Maintenance Bills for Equipment Failures - Ever

No maintenance bills for equipment failures - ever. We don't do hidden charges.

Flexible Plan Durations & Payment Structures

3 - 7 year plans with payment frequencies that work for you.

Contracted SLAs

We will be accountable for minimizing your downtime. Your plan will include SLAs to ensure we keep you running.

Access To Refrigeration Design Consultants

Complex equipment requirements? No problem. With Lease+ you can get access to leading refrigeration design & installation consultants.

Unique SMART Enabled Equipment

Patented IoT technology that provides insights around food safety, asset performance, energy consumption & much more.

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