Lowe Product of the Month Showcase: 2.1m Extractor Hood

01 June 2018

We’ve now entered a busy time of year for summer events. Cities across the world are buzzing with music festivals, concerts, taste festivals and all the other summer activities in between.

Bearing this in mind, our new monthly product showcase brings you a piece of catering equipment perfectly suited for any food business wanting to take their event catering presence to the next level.

Introducing our new product, the 2.1m extractor hood.


Lowe Rental Extractor

This is a large, self–supporting unit, yet, it doesn’t take up much precious kitchen space. Its discreet raised positioning and spaced, weight–supporting metal legs mean you can resourcefully fit multiple important pieces of catering equipment beneath it without sacrificing on space.

Build up a spacious, well ventilated kitchen space for your catering operations this summer.



–          Fan ducted out the top

–          10m of ducting

–          Galvanised steel fan

–          Motor fixing through flexible arms and silent blocks that avoid any vibration

–          Maximum working temperature: 50ºC.


View full further details here.


Interested in renting this product for your next event? Get in contact with a member of our team to discuss.