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Rental Vs. Capex

12th April '18

When budgets are boring…and cash is king!

Many businesses can find it a challenge to budget for capital expenditure in advance of their financial year. Depending on your corporate structure or cash flow position you may have no flexibility of raise capital outside of your annual plan.

Well Lowe Rental can provide a full-service package offering you the ability to engage in the use of new refrigeration equipment in stores over a long-term agreement.

What happens when an opportunity arises mid financial year for your business, brand or products and budget doesn’t prevail? Lowe Rental can solve this problem and help propel your business and product offering.

Supporting such opportunities with additional refrigeration which are manufactured your desired specification means this solution is right for your business.

For many organisations fresh and frozen food sales are critical however they do not make up core offering. This can make it challenging to achieve buy-in and high-level investment to create a capital expenditure plan on a complex equipment range.

Engaging the experts to advise on the right product solution for the business, coupled with renowned world-class service is the answer to this problem helping you to focus on core competencies.

Is our equipment future proofed?  Do we comply with the correct temperature classification for our products?  Are we energy efficient?

With Lowe long term rental agreements, there is no capital expenditure and cash flow can be managed accurately throughout the life of the term.  Cash flow on rental terms is an operating expense and not deemed as a capital expense.

Lowe Rental can enable you to replace your entire fleet of existing refrigeration without the hassle of finding capital.

Lowe can.

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