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5 Things That Make a Great Refrigerated Display

18th July '18

They say that first impressions account for a lot, and this is certainly the case when it comes to displaying your product at an exhibition. Lowe’s refrigerated displays ensure two essential things when it comes to exhibiting – 1. High Functionality and 2. A framework for showing your products to the world.

Lowe experts have extensive experience with the set–up and assembly of refrigerated display at exhibitions, events, retail and beyond. Understanding that no product will have the same combined refrigeration and display requirements, Lowe experts are proficient in providing a bespoke service to exhibitors.

The bottom line is that at an exhibition you want your products to be the best they can be and with many years of exhibition experience under their belt, Lowe experts have become adept at making this happen.

We consulted one of our Lowe experts, Rebekah, on what she felt were the 5 things that make a great refrigerated display and she came up with the following –

1. Good Lighting

It might come as a second thought but overlooking good lighting for your display might affect opinion of your product and the way it is perceived.

Rebekah notes that “Good lighting conditions can enhance the visual quality of your product, transform your stand into a more inviting space and welcoming atmosphere for the customer – all of which can influence opinion of your brand.” Ensure your product looks its best!

2.       Position of the Fridge/Display

Ensuring that your display is well positioned to attract attention is another important point to consider when it comes to exhibiting. How can you maximize your space to turn heads? Additionally, is your display easy to access? Rebekah emphasises that “An awkwardly positioned display may be off–putting to potential customers otherwise willing to spend time at your display and engage with your product offering.”

3.       Clean Condition of the Fridge and Products

Exhibitions involve a great deal of transit and transportation. Bringing all the specific elements together to a deadline can feel like a mammoth task.

As a result, the smaller finishing touches of a display can be so often overlooked. Lowe experts know the ins and outs of exhibitions and work with exhibitors to ensure those important perception changing finishing touches, like a clean fridge, never become an issue.

4.       State of the art/Innovative display

With hundreds of stands to choose from, directing attention to your stand can be no small feat. Being creative and exceeding exhibition expectations through innovative display methods is a surefire way to stand out – it just requires lots of clever planning and creative thinking. What can you do differently at your next exhibition?   

5.       Fridge Capacity

Ensuring that you select the fridge capacity that’s right for your products is a key consideration for any exhibition. Fortunately, Lowe‘s Experts are well positioned to advise through years of exhibition experience accumulated through working with hundreds of exhibitors.

Do you have an upcoming exhibition? Contact one of our Lowe experts today to find equipment that’s perfect for your product offering.

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