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Energy consumption – Out with the old and in with the new

15th May '18

A real retail example of how some major UK retailers can save millions over 5 years

Retailers face complex changes over the next 5 years. The phase out of HFC refrigerants and the forthcoming Energy Labelling Directive create an unprecedented period of uncertainty over which choices to make with refrigeration equipment.

The top 10 questions a retailer in 2018 has to consider when strategically planning for growth: -

  1. How do we dramatically reduce our costs of energy consumption?
  2. How do we give our estate a facelift and bring our equipment up to date overnight?
  3. Which refrigerant do we choose with the 2020 and 2022 bans fast approaching?
  4. How can we monitor and record our product temperature?
  5. How do we safely dispose of old equipment?
  6. We would love better visibility of the equipment in our stores. How do we achieve this?
  7. How can we improve the company’s Green Credentials?
  8. How can we cap our service and maintenance costs?
  9. How do we reduce our capital expenditure on equipment?
  10. What do we do with equipment if we need to close a store?

There is a simple option to bridge the 5-year gap, tackle the questions above and avoid the issues of technology obsolescence.

Jon Carn, Lowe’s Technical Director explains, “It’s not often that all of the planets line up but by spending time on listening to the retailers that’s what we’ve tried to achieve. The technological advancement of Plug-in equipment means that there has never been a better time to rent.”

The experts at Lowe Rental have in-depth knowledge of the equipment market and by auditing the stores of retailers we can calculate the thousands of pounds spent daily on running the current fleet of equipment.  

Jon goes on “This allows us to calculate a real figure of genuine cost savings that can be achieved by switching to the latest technology.”

 “As the retail sector makes this once in a generation transition, it is presented with a major challenge – but also an opportunity – to select the right technologies that can maximise long-term environmental, operational and cost benefits.”  Mr. Eric Winnandy, director of integrated solutions for Emerson’s source: 2018

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